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RISE Reports and Case Studies

RISE reports fall under three themes: markets, metrics and management. In addition, we have included selected links to organizations and articles related to double bottom line ventures and social enterprise.

RISE reports are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader (free), click here to download a copy.


RISE CAPITAL MARKET REPORT: The Double Bottom Line Private Equity Landscape in 2002/2003
This report captures for the first time the landscape of early-stage social venture investing in the US. Based on findings from a RISE survey conducted from October 2002 through January 2003, the report describes the state of equity investment in early stage social ventures.  See also the RISE DBL Investor Directory.

Click here to download PDF of RISE Capital Market Report

Click here to download Zipped PDF of RISE Capital Market Report

Click here to download PDF of RISE Survey Instrument


DOUBLE BOTTOM LINE PROJECT REPORT: Assessing Social Impact in Double Bottom Line Ventures

The Double Bottom Line Project, Co-Directed by RISE’s Director, has released the first catalog of methods that for-profit and nonprofit social ventures and enterprises can use to assess the social impact of their activities. The Catalog analyzes feasibility and credibility of 9 methods and provides examples of them in use. Report is available here in PDF Form.



SOCIAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT: A Conversation Among Grantmakers

The Rockefeller and Goldman Sachs Foundations hosted a conversation among grantmakers and investors on the topic of Social Impact Assessment, co-organized by RISE Director Catherine Clark, in March 2003. The report includes case studies from New Profit, Inc., the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund, and Coastal Enterprises, Inc.  Report is available here in PDF Form.


RISE MANAGEMENT TOOL: Social Venture Rubric                                                    

The RISE Social Venture Rubric is a diagnostic tool that was developed at Columbia Business School to aid the in-class evaluation of social ventures.  It was designed to stimulate for discussion and to help students, entrepreneurs, investors or consultants identify points of relative strength or weaknesses of a social venture, and key areas for financial and social alignment.  Click here to download PDF of RISE Social Venture Rubric.


This report, produced in partnership with Investors’ Circle and the Social Venture Network, offers a snapshot of social ventures in seven industry segments as well as insights into the experiences, attitudes, and practices of the people who create and manage them. 

More info available here.

Click here to download a PDF of the RISE Entrepreneur Report.